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Award for Contributions to Research, Innovation, and Education

This award of $500 is available in recognition of a candidate’s outstanding contributions in any of the four following areas:

  1. Theory of group psychotherapy, e.g., a non-empirical publication, such as a theoretical or clinical paper addressing group therapy processes;

  2. Research on group therapy, e.g., an empirical report addressing the efficacy, effectiveness, or change mechanisms of a group therapy approach;

  3. Clinical innovations, e.g., a documented clinical innovation such as a group therapy manual; or

  4. Contributions as a facilitator, supervisor, or mentor to trainee development, e.g., documented contributions to a post-secondary training program in group therapy.

The Fern Cramer-Azima Award was created in honour of Dr. Fern Cramer-Azima. Dr. Cramer-Azima made significant contributions to the field of group psychotherapy nationally and internationally, through her strong leadership, extensive teaching and consultation, and enthusiastic mentoring.

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