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Group Practitioner Development Award for clinicians with a minimum 2 years’ active practice in group psychotherapy

Awards of $500 each are available to support experiential training or supervision.

These Awards are named for Dr. John Salvendy, the first president of the Canadian Group Psychotherapy Association (1980-1982).

Dr. Salvendy was a very notable contributor to the group psychotherapy field in Canada and abroad for over four decades, as an expert clinician, educator, and mentor/supervisor. Through the Salvendy Development Award, the Canadian Group Psychotherapy Foundation aims to encourage this same perspective on continuous learning among Canadian practitioners of group psychotherapy. The Salvendy Development Award is open to clinical practitioners with a minimum of two years of active group psychotherapy practice. The Award aims to support the development of group therapy practitioners by facilitating experiential education in one of two ways: through participation in an experiential workshop or institute, or through supervision.

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